Monday, March 16, 2009

NJECC 2009

Getting ready for the annual conference sponsored by NJECC. We're putting the finishing touches on our presentation, for which we'll provide links on both Lori's and my blogs. I've been realizing, as the day goes by, that motherhood prepares one fairly well for a life of multi-tasking. There were classes without break today, students needing assistance to hook up LCD and speaker systems, students recording podcasts, keyboarding assessments, word search printing problems, default printer settings that were mixed up, no toilet paper in the staff bathroom, first graders doing research, and lots more. This presentation had to take a back seat to everything else today.

Second thing I've noticed is that it's comforting to know so few people ever read my blog that I don't have to worry about posting so frequently :-) Well, I'm sure there will be lots to discuss after the conference, with its variety of speakers and sessions and a workshop to follow on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it all.

If you attended our NJECC "Web 2.0 in My Classroom" session, please click here to fill out the Post Presentation Wrap-Up Survey

Click here to email me for a .pdf of the "Web 2.0 in My Classroom... Tomorrow!" Presentation

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