Monday, March 9, 2009

The Week Begins

So, when Monday begins the way mine did, you kind of wonder if you're being presented with an omen. On my way to work I stopped at the bank to deposit a check for my condo association (one of the joys of being treasurer), only to find that there were no deposit envelopes. A ten minute detour that resulted in nothing except a rescheduled bank visit. Back into the car, plugged the iPod into the sound system and five minutes into a classic Satellite Sisters podcast, the iPod screen goes gray, the sound stops, and I couldn't revive it with my free hand. This can't be good! Rummaging around in the console "junk drawer" with my right hand, I located the iPod charger. At the stop light I performed the emergency restart on the now-plugged-in iPod and it came back to life. I was so relieved that I began to relax again. After all, there were two presentations to deliver today.

The omen didn't amount to anything after all and I'm quite relieved about that! The fifth grade class seemed to enjoy my PowerPoint about whales around the world and sharing their own stories of close encounters with marine mammals. The discussion with faculty about Google docs, wikis, and blogs was fine, although a number of people found it easier to joke about Web 2.0 than to embrace it. They'll see... it soon will be impossible to ignore online collaboration. I'm off to compose an email invitation for everyone on the staff to set up gmail accounts as a group activity. Once they do it'll be easy to plunge right in -- I'm determined to make believers of them!

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